Let One of Our Mobile Auto Glass Repair Specialists Assist You Today

For the person in a hurry, who wants to continue with the trip, vacation, or just everyday life without wasting much time, we have a great offer for you. We have mobile auto glass repair for all types of vehicles, including cars, SUV’s, trucks and even 18-wheelers.

Who wants a windshield that poses a hazard to driving? If you notice that signs, road marks, landmarks or objects are hard to see, especially for night-time driving, it is time to get your auto glass repaired or replaced.

Windshields get hit by small debris, especially sand and pebbles, every day. This, in time, covers the surface of the glass with small pits, which only get larger with time. The constant freeze and thaw in winter, makes these chips and cracks even worse. This obscures vision, so for better safety and worry-free driving, repair or replace your auto glass or windshield if you experience any of these problems.

We have our experienced technicians to handle the following:

  • Unclear glass
  • Small cracks and chips
  • Large cracks or broken glass
  • Water leaks around auto glass
  • Air leaks around auto glass

We, at Bone Auto Glass Specialists, have well trained experts to serve you whether you are at your home, on the road or at a mall. We operate in the St Louis area and the surrounding counties. We will come on site to repair your windshield or even change it, to get you safely back on track with no worry. You will have same day service, guaranteed.

We offer life – time warranties on all our repairs and accept all kinds of insurance. We also offer $10.00 off on windshield replacements and $5.00 off of any repair. Get a free quote here.

We look forward to serving you today. Contact us for more information.

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