Did You Know We Do Sunroof Repair?

Your sunroof gives you a free and easy outdoor feeling, even when you’re just driving to the corner store. Glass lets the sun shine in while repelling its harmful rays. When you need a fresh breeze, your sunroof opens up to let the air flow through. At Bone Auto Glass Specialists, we want you to experience all the benefits your sunroof has to offer. We provide professional sunroof repair and replacement services to keep your sunroof well-maintained, properly functioning and looking good.

Professional Workmanship

Whatever your car’s year, make, and model, our experienced professionals offer the services you need. When your sunroof glass has a minor crack or ding, our repair options can restore them economically. When you experience water leakage due to deteriorating or damaged seals or gaskets, we can replace them to eliminate the problem. When you need a complete sunroof replacement, we perform the job quickly and efficiently.

  • We discuss your concerns.
  • We inspect your sunroof to assess the problems.
  • We present our best solutions for repair or replacement.
  • We complete the job professionally at your convenience.

Quality Products

We understand that quality parts are critical to performing the best job for you. That’s why we complete sunroof repairs and replacements using only the finest parts and materials.

  • Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) parts
  • High-quality glass repair resins
  • Quality seals and gaskets
  • Durable metal handles and hardware

At Bone Auto Glass Specialists, we make it easy to get the quality repairs you need for the price you deserve. Contact us to arrange your free sunroof repair or replacement quote.

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